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Software explosion

With the explosion of cloud computing, digital transformation and digital adoption is the number one challenge for businesses.

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What is it?

Newired Journeys is a digital adoption platform tool that helps speed up training & software adoption and prevent application erosion.

It is a virtual assistant that can overlay any web based application with visual prompts showing users how to use a new application on the fly.

How does Newired Journeys solve the Digital Adoption problem?

  • Drives product adoption by improving individual performance on software applications.
  • Interactively guide users through complex workflows of your software products or internal applications. (experiential learning)
  • Create non-intrusive customizable steps.
  • Simplify your Application User Experience and ensure your processes are followed exactly each time.

Who can benefit the most from Newired Journeys?

  • Customer Support- reduce tickets and cut help desk costs.
  • Product Management for customer onboarding, guided software trials.
  • HR for onboarding new employees - speeds up ramp up time and ensure compliance.
  • Software Development - Avoid costly user interface modifications or rewrites.


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