Introduction to ALM

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

Why should every organization developing products or software be aware of this?

It is because software is transforming how we build and manage products and some would argue that software is the most critical piece of the manufacturing process.

  • Recap of what is a software product lifecycle
  • How to achieve continuous improvement using ALM
  • How ALM relates to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and other key terms such as DevOps, ADLM and SDLC
  • Real-world scenarios that reinforce the importance of ALM and how 
  • accelerate your product planning, release planning, scheduling, as well as executing and closing sprints.

Who should attend: This training is for executives, R&D leaders, ScrumMasters, Coaches, Team Leads and Product Owners.

Duration: 2 hours

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