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Trends that Covid-19 has accelerated

Accelerate software user adoption !

Whether you're ready to launch a new application or release an internal software upgrade , there's always a struggle to deal with training, software adoption and application erosion

To combat this, ELEAD has a digital adoption platform solution that can provide first time users a guided tour walk thru with on screen prompts showing what to do, enhancing the user experience by providing training in real time while they are using the application.  Check out our Newired Journeys page here to learn more.


We help manage complex software solutions.

We offer Agile tools that makes your innovation process more predictable. It helps you speed up product development, as well as improve quality. It offers real-time visibility to your progress and traceability of requirements, as well as their verification and validation. ELEAD allows you to concentrate on the essentials which of course is building great products.  Click here to learn more about our ALM Solution.

  • We can help streamline and manage multiple software projects and tools
  • We assist in bringing structure to your Agile, Kanban, Scrum or hybrid processes
  • Address challenges meeting audit, regulatory and compliance requirements with full documentation
  • We simplify your software environment

To build complex products requires modern tools for real time collaboration.   Want to know more? CONTACT US


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