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We deliver 100% code-free tools that allow the delivery of quick usability fixes, speed up onboarding on and across any web application and put users at the center of software delivery and development.

Addressing the Software explosion

With the explosion of cloud computing, software onboarding & adoption is the number one challenge for businesses.

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Who can benefit the most from Newired Journeys?

  • Customer Support- reduce tickets and cut help desk costs.
  • Product Management for customer onboarding, guided software trials.
  • HR for onboarding new employees - speeds up ramp up time and ensure compliance.
  • Software Development - Avoid costly user interface modifications or rewrites.

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CREATE or EDIT existing Walk thru's

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Multi Language -  Create your tutorial once and use the built in translator to push out in Multiple languages !



KPI's and Reports -  Tutorial usage and User Feedback Metrics


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