What is the role of a Product Manager?

Leading a product from conception to completion is no easy task and product managers deserve their own toolkit. Yet PMs have had scarce resources to do this great work. Often we revert back to documents and XL spreadsheets. Unfortunately, these very tools were not created with product managers in mind. The specifics of product management — prioritizing features, organizing requirements, creating and maintaining product roadmaps — are not easily managed using these tools.

HELIX RM - A complete product management toolkit

  • Product Roadmapping - create a visual product roadmap to outline your strategy, features, and ideas.
  • Project Management - issue tracking, Agile planning, project dashboards
  • Product Research - surveys, polls, social media
  • Analytics - user request, defect status
  • User Experience - design templates, screenshots, videos
  • Workflow Support - Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban & many more

Educational Workshops

Highly interactive workshops created by product managers for product managers.

Accelerate Onboarding Customers

We all like to think our products are so easy to use that everyone will readily adopt them. However, the reality is that digital adoption is a continual challenge for any organization. Learn how Newired Journeys can accelerate customer onboarding and optimize your customer experience, allowing your software to reach its fullest potential.