Software Testing: A Culture of Quality

How can we Plan and Manage Testing Projects Effectively?

Every software project is more complex than ever before. With teams spanning the globe working on the same program test methods are changing rapidly. A culture of quality in all parts of the organization is essential for success.

When effective planning techniques are applied, any risks or errors can be easily identified even before testing actually commences.

HELIX TCM - A complete test management toolkit

  • Effective management of your test projects
  • Issue Management - use Helix TCM or Jira & other popular defect tracking tools

Educational Workshops

Highly interactive workshops created by QA professionals for software testing.

Accelerate Onboarding new QA professionals

In order to boost new hire productivity, Newired Journeys make it easy for employees to achieve and retain proficiency on complex software systems and company specific routines in a short timeframe. Learn how Newired Journeys can accelerate employee onboarding and optimize your new QA members' experience, allowing your team to reach its fullest potential.