Software Engineering

Can we further accelerate your software delivery cycles?

The most successful companies are optimizing there critical software development operations through metrics, automation, and usable dashboards. They’ve gone from a typical two-week build cycle to daily build cycles. This has been enabled by real time automation and meaniful reporting, which allows data collection directly from the engineering code and test base so engineers spend less time in status reporting and more time in managing code and testing.

Integrations - Its a fact of development that integrations are a key requirement.  We offer latest integrations for JIRA, Git, Bitbucket, Selenium, UTF.

Reporting customization - results based report design

Workflow/Templates - customize workflows to business processes

On-deman support

ALM the Swiss Army of productivity tools

  • Customize & Automate dev processes with tasks & events triggers
  • Unified Platform that manages governance without comprimizing innovation
  • Integrate with any Issue Tracking & enhancement software
  • Support for all major Source Control - HelixCore, SVN, Git, Subversion

Accelerate Onboarding new team members

In order to boost new hire productivity, Newired Journeys make it easy for employees to achieve and retain proficiency on complex software systems and company specific routines in a short timeframe. Learn how Newired Journeys can accelerate employee onboarding and optimize your new members' experience, allowing your team to reach its fullest potential.