Professional Services for your Polarion Projects

"It's so refreshing to have an alternative for Polarion services that are knowledgeable and responsive" - Polarion Insurance Customer

"Take your time with set up and hire a consultant to get it right the first time. Otherwise it will be an endless tangle of data." - Polarion Automotive Customer

" FAST and flexible service at a competitive rate"

Whether you need ad hoc help or you are looking for a long-term partner for improving your R&D processes, ELEAD provides you a guided path for utilizing all benefits of  the Polarion platform.

  • Complete installation & set-up of Polarion (all flavours)
  • Scripting for Eclipse, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Jira
  • Advanced integration for Bitbucket, Jira, Selenium & others
  • Customized reports

QA Execution Sample Report

QA Execution

Training Services

Our ALM, Requirements and Test Management workshops are great for improving the professional capabilities and knowledge of your staff, independent of what tools they are using. ELEAD offers  practical experience around these topics with dozens of  examples in different industries provides valuable insight allowing your teams to adopt Polarion concepts quickly.

On Demand Support

Ever wonder why you can't pay for only the support you actually use? Well we offer on demand support for all your Polarion needs.  ELEAD offers prepurchased support hours to use when the time is right instead of waiting for budget approvals to get something done.

The ALM Accelerator Pack

A collection interactive guided walthru's helping new or experienced Polarion users remember how to perform a certain task step by step.  Ensures your unique processes are followed for compliance while preventing data input errors.
Speeds up training and user adoption thru a superior first time experience !
Multi Language Support.   No Coding, integrations, or software to load on the user deskop.